the Ministry of Rural Affairs Headquarter

Headquarters Office Building Of The Ministry Of Municipal & Rural Affairs


Location: Riyadh

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Client: Ministry Of Municipal And Rural Affairs

Project Category: Building Construction

Completion date: September-1995


Why it matters

Clean, healthy, well-run towns and cities are essential to the wellbeing of the Kingdom. The Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs is the key building from which municipalities throughout the kingdom are administrated and run. Activities that take place within these offices include rural and urban planning, the analysis of roads and basic infrastructure, and the development of strategies to address the needs that have been identified. Almashrik contributed to these efforts through the construction of this modern office building.


Results / comment

Once again, Almashrik was able to complete construction ahead of the required time-frame, delivering the building with attention to worker health and safety, and below the stated budget, achieving full client satisfaction.


Key facts

  • 750 skilled employees dedicated to this construction for three years.
  • 400,000 m³ of bulk earthworks
  • 5,000 cubic meters of concrete.
  • 700 Ton of Reinforcing Steel Bar



More than 10 million man hours were worked by upwards of750 skilled workers, delivering  this major project to specification, and achieving a remarkable safety record.

The Headquarters Office Building of the Ministry of Municipal & Rural Affairs is only one of the many governmental projects completed by Almashrik in a durable business relationship spanning over 40 years.




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