how we operate

How we operate

We know that our work is important to the people of Saudi Arabia. We build the roads that get them to their destinations, the bridges that cross difficult country and even the infrastructure that provides them with life-giving water for their households and crops. We know that millions of people will depend on the infrastructure we create, and just as roads form a network across the country, Al Mashrik operates a network of construction professionals in all the districts of our country.

Apart from providing ordinary people with the infrastructure they need, we also provide people like you and I with opportunities for career growth and development covering a wide range of specialities and an equally wide range of exciting and prestigious projects. Our focus lies in the following three areas:

  • Infrastructure: roads, water supply, telecommunications – these are the things that make our country tick.
  • Energy: From large oil and gas projects to the electricity that powers your home. If it builds Saudi Arabia, we’re there to build it!
  • Building: Impressive workplaces, comfortable housing and places of worship to refresh the spirit: our buildings are perfect examples of our dedication to excellence.

We operate in accordance with the highest standards of professionalism and excellence.