Arar Medical Tower (300 Bed)

Arar Medical Tower (300 Bed)


Location: Arar City

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Client: Ministry of Health

Project Category: Building Construction


Why it matters

In order to meet the growing health care needs of Arar City, Almashrik was contracted to construct an extension to the existing 100 bed hospital, adding an additional 200 beds, preparing the building for full functionality and efficiency in this larger format. Almashrik takes pride in the community benefits inherent in so many of its projects, and appreciates the importance of this project to the welfare of the community in and around Arar.


Completion date: April-2016


Results / comment

At time of writing this important project is nearing completion, and all activities are on schedule and within budget. We are confident that we will once again demonstrate our ability to complete ambitious construction and engineering projects to the full satisfaction of our clients.


Unique features of this project:

  • Construction of Medical Tower (06 Level) with a Total Floor area of 19,200 m²
  • Construction of 4 Guard Houses with an area of 24 m² each
  • Construction of Underground Tank with a Total Area of 1,038 m²
  • Provision & Installation of Electrical Equipment & materials
  • Provision & Installation of Medical Gas System


Key facts

  • More than 450 skilled employees dedicated to this construction
  • 125,000 m³ of bulk earthworks
  • 10,000 cubic meters of concrete
  • 1,700 Ton of Reinforcing Steel Bar



So far, 8 million man hours have been spent on the Arar Medical Tower, which is nearing completion. With this project, Almashrik seems set to achieve an excellent safety record, thanks to the efforts of our health and safety personnel. This worthy government project was awarded to Almashrik owing to its long-standing track record of more than four decades as a contractor for governmental projects.