Arar Obstetrics & Gynecology Hospital (300 Bed)

Arar Obstetrics & Gynecology Hospital (300 Bed)


Location: Arar City

Google maps: Not available

Client: Ministry of Health

Project Category: Building Construction


Why it matters

Our children are our future, and a safe and healthy arrival into the world ensures the best possible start in life. As a result, Almashrik was thankful for the opportunity to contribute to the health of mothers and their babies through the construction of a facility that would provide a step forward in health care for Arar city and its environs. The facility opened its doors in 2014, and provides a modern and well-equipped environment that has achieved a reputation as one of the best OB/GYN facilities in the region, reducing infant mortality, and catering to the health needs of women.


Completion date: November-2014


Results / comment

Living up to its commitments and track record is important to Almashrik, and our client was more than satisfied with the timely delivery of this modern facility within the proposed budget.


Unique features of this project:

  • Main Hospital Building with Floor Area of 19,034 m²
  • Service Building with Floor Area of 1,214 m²
  • Mosque with a Floor Area of 415 m²
  • Structural Steel Ware House with a total Area of 1,211 m²
  • 4 Guard Houses
  • External Works such as Landscaping & Softcaping, Asphalt Works


Key facts

  • More than 400 skilled employees dedicated to this construction
  • 125,000 m³ of bulk earthworks
  • 9,000 cubic meters of concrete
  • 1,500 Ton of Reinforcing Steel Bar
  • Thousands of pieces of Electro-mechanical items



Over 10 million work hours were spent on this project in total, and 400 employees were responsible for the safe, timely construction of yet another vitally important project for a government agency in the 40 year tradition of Almashrik.