Dharan Dual way



Location: Eastern Province

Google maps: Not available

Client: Ministry of Communications

Project Category: Roads & Bridges

Why it matters

The Dhahran – Dammam – Al-Khobar Highway is located in the Eastern Province. Covering a total distance of 8km, this 6 Lane Dual-way has road frontage on both sides. Constructed by Almashrik, and according to the highest standards of civil engineering, the highway is an important piece of infrastructure linking the cities of Dammam, Dhahran and Al-Khobar. It ensures their continued economic growth and fiscal contributions to the Kingdom’s economy. The entire Damman Area, a region covering over 300 square miles, is currently being served by this highway.

Completion date: September 1986

Results / comment

Almashrik showed the utmost dedication to the project, with over 750 skilled employees completing a total of 7.2 million man hours in order to get the job done. The company’s excellent reputation for safety was upheld and only a few minor injuries were reported.

Unique features of this project:

  • 8 km of road construction
  • 6 lane dual-way
  • Frontage road on both sides
  • 17 concrete bridges
  • 2 Interchanges
  • Structural Steel Works
  • Concrete slab area covering 50,000M²


Key facts

  • More than 750 skilled employees dedicated 7.2 million job hours to complete the project
  • 5 million m³ of Bulk Earthworks
  • 150,000 m³ of Asphalt Works
  • 300,000 m³ of Concrete
  • 1,250 Ton of Reinforcing Steel



With over 750 skilled employees and a total of 7.2 million man hours required to complete this project, Almashrik has proven its status as the preferred contractor in realizing government agency initiatives. The company remains committed to the highest of standards of civil engineering in order to ensure the continued growth and prosperity of the Kingdom.