Dualization Of Batha / Harad Road

Dualization Of Batha / Harad Road


Location: Eastern Province

Client: Ministry of Communications

Project Category: Roads & Bridges


Why it matters

Constructing a major road 260km long is not for the faint-hearted and represents a test of any construction company’s expertise and co-ordination. The Batha-Haradh dualization was a challenge that Almashrik met head-on, resulting in the completion of an excellent and functional dual carriageway to meet the needs of road users and the region’s economic growth. The project included a wide range of construction activities, ranging from earthworks to culvert construction and slope protection, and all elements were completed to specification.


Results / comment

The most essential components of this project were completed to the satisfaction of the client, but unexpected budgetary constraints on the part of the client resulted in the withdrawal of the project prior to final completion. The completed works, however, represent a substantial infrastructure improvement.


Unique features of this project:

  • Construction of Batha Haradh Road Total Length Approximate – 260 KM
  • Dualization of Single Carriage Way


Key facts

  • 18 Million Cubic Meter of Earthworks 7 Million Cubic Meter of Bulk Earthworks
  • 2 Million Cubic Meter of Asphalt Work
  • 50 Ton Reinforcing Steel
  • More than 500,000 highway signs



Although this project was not fully completed, the withdrawal on the part of the client was conducted amicably, and Almashrik understands that the client organization was unable to fulfil its intentions for the road owing to circumstances beyond its control. Nevertheless, the region’s infrastructure has been significantly improved.