Riyadh-Majmah-Qaseem Expressway

Riyadh/Al-Majm’Ah/Qassim Expressway (Section 6)


Location: Central Province

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Client: Ministry of Communications

Project Category: Roads & Bridges

Why it matters

Situated between the South and Central regions, the Riyadh – Al-Majm’ah – Qassim Expressway (Section 6) has played an important role in the development of the Qassim Region. Completed in 1987, the expressway allowed for the improvement of main and secondary roads to be made possible. As a direct result of the expressway’s construction, an entire network of roads now provides easy access to industrial, commercial and agricultural facilities. By linking major cities and neighboring areas, the Riyadh – Al-Majm’ah – Qassim Expressway ensures continued regional economic growth and the prosperity of the Kingdom.


Completion date: April 1988


Results / comment

Almashrik continued to uphold their impeccable safety record with only a handful of minor injuries being reported during the construction phase. The client was satisfied that the project had been completed both timorously and within the agreed upon financial parameters.

Unique features of this project:

  • 33 Km Road Construction
  • 6 lane dual-way
  • 5 concrete bridges between Al-Majma’Ah and Al-Ghatt
  • Structural steel works
  • Highway fence
  • Highway signs & road markings


Key facts

  • More than 700 skilled employees dedicated 6 million man hours to its construction.
  • 5 million m³ of Earthworks were excavated
  • 19,500 Ton of Structural Steel
  • 600,000 m³ of Asphalt Works
  • 57,000 m³ of Concrete Works
  • 3,000 Ton of Reinforcing Steel
  • 73 km of Highway Fence
  • 6 km of Jersey Barrier
  • 5,000 m² of Curb Stone



Almashrik proved once again why they are one of the country’s leading civil engineering contractors. With 700 skilled employees expending 600 million man hours, the completion of this project resulted in an improved roads infrastructure for the Central Province; providing greater access to industrial, commercial and agricultural facilities throughout the region.